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08 April 2009 @ 08:07 pm
Kuroshitsuji the Musical  
Ah... I wanna see this:

Most people must have known that Kuroshitsuji is going musical! This had been announced since January, but in the recent magazine scans (forgot which mag) there are promo scans for the musical! Yay~~ Ciel is SO DROOL-ABLE. Sebby too! *________* I wanna see this. I WANT TO SEE THIS. fjhsdfdgkfjdhgjkdf .SebbyxCiel = <3

Let's just hope they can sing~ *coughunlikesomeTenimyucharacterscough*

SO HANDSOME ♥_♥ Eiri is going doki doki yo! 

Ciel is being done by Sakamoto Shougo and Sebastian by Matsushita Yuya~

WHY HASN'T GODCHILD BEEN MADE INTO ANIME HUH?? CainxRiff needs love too! Mou! *pouts*

*off to do assignment*

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