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29 January 2009 @ 01:05 pm
So I was bored last night, and I was doing a reseach for my fic, and somehow I ended up re-watching Loveless. And guess what? I fall for Soubi all over again!!! He is suave, smooth, mysterious, a little bit perverted, and ooh... his Christina Aguilera jacket is a total WIN!! XDD The fact that this anime is a shounen-ai is a plus~~

So, for those who haven't watch Loveless yet, here's a short summary:

It is set in the world where virgins have cat-ears (neko-mimi) while the um...deflowered adults looks just like normal humans. So, the main character here is Aoyagi Ritsuka, a 12-year old elemantary school student who lost 2 years of his memory. He is abused by his mother because she claimed that Ritsuka is not real, as in, because he had lost his memory, his personality seems to change.

His brother, Seimei, is murdered by someone who is called Nanatsu no Tsuki (The Seven Moons), though, it was not revealed until he met Soubi. Who the hell is Soubi??

Well, he says that he is Beloved's fighter. It seems that there is a weird-fighting-thing going, and there are people called 'sacrifice' and 'fighter'. It turns out that Seimei is a sacrifice, and his real name is Beloved. And Ritsuka then is told that his real name is Loveless.

That's the short summary. You have to watch the series to know more~

I totally went sbgfdgbvhjlsdb when Soubi kissed Ritsuka XDD. He is always a tease, claiming that he won't 'make Ritsuka lose his cat ears, at least not until he grow a little bit more.' But come to think of it, he might be serious...? After all, Ritsuka looks puurfectly delicious!

Some might think this is disgusting, like: WTH?? The boy is just TWELVE for God's sake!! But surprisingly, I don't find it weird, it's just...natural. But maybe I'm bias, Soubi IS hot, so...yeah. XDD

The series came out in 2005, the manga is by Yun Kouga (the same mangaka who drew Earthian) and it is still on-going. I guess I'm giving it a PG-13 rating, there's hardly anything going on besides a few kisses and some uh... disturbing connotations (mostly by Soubi, some by Kio).

But the opening theme was awesome!!!! The lyrics are deep and meaningful, the musical arrangement is fabulous and the clip is totally GORGEOUS~!!

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